Course curriculum

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    Part Two: There are so many reasons to set up your own micro bakery

  • 3

    Part Three: What is bread, and what is involved in baking it?

    • A brief history of bread

    • What are the main ingredients in bread (part one)

    • What are the main ingredients in bread (part two) - recipe for a great basic loaf and super training videos included here!

    • Quiz - how well do you know about the ingredients in bread?

    • The main activities involved in baking bread - and your first big challenge!

    • Quiz - How well do you understand the activities required to make bread

    • Message from Jane - what was it like for me to sell my first loaf?

  • 4

    Part Four: Sales and Marketing - how do you get people to buy your bread?

    • How much bread can you sell? Another recipe - this time for 100% rye bread

    • How to put together your rye loaf and pop it in a tin

    • How much should you charge for your bread? And a recipe with a new technique!

    • Worksheet that you may want to replicate to understand the economics of baking

    • How do you get people interested in your bread - and another great recipe with another new skill

    • Watch how to shape your very soft dough into a round ball ready for the oven!

    • Using Social Media to best effect and three new recipes with new techniques!

    • How to shape your no knead bread rolls

    • How to shape your no knead pizza

    • How to shape your no knead bread to bake in a dutch oven

  • 5

    Part Five: The admin and logisitics of setting up and running a small business

    • Welcome to the final third of this course!

    • The equipment you will need

    • Setting up your business and a recipe for bread rolls - a new technique for you to try!

    • How to shape your bread rolls

    • How do you baker larger and larger amounts of bread?

    • How to keep track of the money - and a glorious recipe for cinnamon rolls as a celebration that you are nearly done!

    • How to shape your delicious cinnamon buns!

    • Worksheet example that you may want to replicate to keep your finances organised

  • 6

    Part Six: Congratulations you are done! What next....

    • Oh my goodness you are done! What next...

    • How to shape dough to rise in a basket

    • Congratulations! You are done!!!!! Message from Jane Mason.